Video Conference Backdrops

Professional Video Conference Backdrop



Professional Video Conference Backdrops

Not everyone has a great location to do video conferences. The zip stand backdrop product will help you look more professional in meetings. The fabric zip stand is easy to setup and does not require any additional hardware.

The 6'x6' size is great for sitting at a desk because it covers the entire space behind you.

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6'x6' Size

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Fabric Zip Stand Backdrops

Fabric zip stands have been very popular for media events and press conferences. As the trend to work from home grows, the fabric zip stand takes on a new role as a backdrop for video conferences. Very popular in trade shows because of the ease of setup and high portability, the zip stands are also easy to setup at home with only one person.

Media Backdrop Frame

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Video Conference backdrop for teams

Keep your team looking professional, no matter where they are, with fabric backdrops for video conferences. Having a uniform appearance will show potential clients and other team members a higher level of professionalism. Quantity discounts available and we ship direct to your team members' homes.