8' x 8' Straight Stretch Fabric Zip Stand Replacement Graphic


•  Replacement Fabric Only

•  Fits Display Size: 96" Wide x 94-1/2" High

•  5" Radius top corners

•  Fabric Slides over the frame, zippers on bottom.

•  1-1/4" dia. tube frame.

•  B1 Fire Rated Printed Stretch Fabric.

•  Optional backside printing.

Compatible file extensions to upload: pdf, png, jpeg, ai, psd, eps, jpg

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Replacement Stretch Fabric for Zippered Pillowcase Display

• Actual Display Size this fits: 96" Wide x 94-1/2" High x 1-1/4" round tube with 5" radius top corners.

• Fabric is sewn like a pillowcase and simply slips over the frame and is attached under the frame with a zipper.

• The fabric is stretchy and when pulled tight eliminates all the wrinkles.

About the Fabric Used in this Tube Display Frame Replacement Graphic

Your graphic will be printed on a lightweight polyester stretch fabric using a dye sublimation process in which the threads of the fabric are dyed during the printing process. 400 degree heat is used on the fabric and ink in order to dye the threads giving you a vibrant, full color, long lasting print.

• Material: 100% PES

• Weight: 190 g/m²

• B1 Fire Rating

Fire Certification 

To clean your display fabric we recommend washing on a cold water, gentle cycle setting with a color friendly detergent. You can either air dry or tumble dry on a low temperature setting in the dryer.

If your fabric gets wrinkled or creased from folding it's an easy fix. Generally the stretch fabric eliminates any creases when pulled taught over the frame.   The fabric can also be steamed to look good as new. 

Shipping Sizes

Hardware Only w/soft case - 34" x 13" x 7" 19lbs. (box size - 34x12x7)

Hardware, Fabric (4.48 lbs.), and shipping box - 34x12x7 23.48 lbs. 

Shipping - Need it Faster?

We have an option to get your project to print faster than our normal turnaround.  How it works - Once you approve your proof we will put you on a 24hr print path, which means we will get your project ready to ship within 24hrs.

Setup Instructions

Link for full Installation Instructions

Assemble the frame - Less the feet.

Pull the fabric over the frame and pull on the sides evenly.

They may catch a bit on the tube joints, just pull the fabric out and over to continue. Once the fabric is on the frame it is easiest to lay the frame down to zip the fabric under the bottom tube.

Zipping the fabric

Find the end where the zipper is to start.

Grab both sides of the fabric and pull around the bottom tube of the frame. This stretches the fabric and makes it easier to set the zipper.

Start the zipper and zip it across the bottom of the stand, pulling the fabric down if need be.


Add the feet to your Zip Stand and stand it up.

Adjustments: These tube frames can be easily adjusted if there is a twist to the frame after the fabric is on. Simply twist the frame until it is flat. The tension of the fabric will hold it where you set it.

Design Templates

8' x 8' Stretch Fabric Zip Stand Display Wall 1-1/4" Tube Replacement Fabric

• Page Size with Bleed: 98” wide x 95.5” high.

• Actual graphics area of the frame size is 96” wide x 93.5” high.

• Layout should be 96" wide x  93.5" high with an additional 1" image bleed on all sides.

• Press PDF or EPS files are preferred, with text converted to outlines or curves.

• Image resolution should be approx 125dpi at final size for best printing.

• Large files should be uploaded after the order is placed using the "File Upload" tab at the top of the website.


Download the 8x8 template here - to save this file to your computer, simply right click and "save link as".


How to order with multiple or large files

• Place your order for the total number of stretch fabric display stands you want and check out.

• After you place your order, go to our "File Upload" tab located on the top of the home page. There you can upload up to 6 files at a time, if you have more than 6 , simply send another set.

• We connect your order and your files by the email you use on your order and the file upload.  If we have any questions we will let you know.

• We will be in contact with you on all orders before we go to print.


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