48" Exhibitor Series Banner Stand with Printed Graphic

• Low Cost Retracting Stand
• Graphic Included on 13oz vinyl banner
• Optional 15oz Low Curl Banner
• Ships Fast | Usually in 1 to 2 days
• 33.5" wide by 79" high banner 

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Our Economy Retractable Banner Stand is our lowest cost retractable.  Stores completely in a 4"x 4" x 36" box and weighs about 15 lbs.

Setup - Easily set up this stand in less than a minute and you are set to go for your event.  Simply take the stand from the case, swing the feet perpendicular to the stand.  Remove the pole (which has bungee cord running thruough it the keep the pole sections together) and assemble the pole.  Insert the pole into the base back in the holes provided.  Then holding the pole gently lean the stand back while pulling up on the grip bar that holds the banner.  Extend the banner out until you get to the top of the pole with the grip bar then clip it on.  Your stand is ready for your event. 

Take Down - Simply lean the stand back while holding the pole and unhook the grip bar from the pole.  Slowly let the banner retract into the stand while guiding it towards the middle of the stand.  If the banner starts to move to one side or the other as you put it in siply lift it back up and try again.  Once down just spin the legs back to where they are parallel with the base, pull the pole apart, fold it up and it should now slip into the slot on the back of the stand.  Slip back into the carry case and you are all done.

Construction - This retractable banner stand is all aluminum.  The pole is in 3 sections that are held together with a bungee cord so the pieces don't get lost.  

Marketing with your economy  retractable banner stand is easy.  This stand works in almost all indoor events, from small gym events to large convention center events.  If you are only able to have a table simply place this banner to the side in the aisle and attract people to your table.  For larger booths you can set up multiple stands.  We always recommend that you use large eye grabbing graphics that would peak your potential customers interest.  Lots of small images and lots of text generally is never seen and actually tends to steer people away.  Use graphic images to get the customers in a position where you can talk to them about all you can do for them.  Booth design should always be made so the customer wants to ask you some questions, don't try and answer everything on a banner or sign.

Setup Instructions

Design Templates

 Design Specifications for 48” wide Retractable Banner Stand (Exhibitor):

 48 Wide Exhibitor-Series Retractable Banner Stand with Printed Graphic Template

   File types accepted - PDF, EPS, JPG, Tiff
   Resolution of images - Minimum of 150dpi at final size for good print quality
   Large Files - Can be uploaded through the “File Upload” link on the front page
   Bleed - None Needed
   Crop Marks - None Needed
   Page Size - 47” wide x 79" high.

   Design Considerations - 
      Top - 3/4” of top of banner will be covered by top clamp bar.


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