36" wide Pro Series Retractable Tabletop Banner Stand and Graphic

• 36" wide Premium "Pro Banner Stand"
• Weighs approx 15lbs
• Graphic print included on low curl vinyl
• Carry Case included
• Set up in a minute
• Choose 36" or 48" banner height

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    When you design your graphics they should be 36" wide by 36" or 48" high. A high resolution PDF saved at Adobe 4 will be the best compatibility for us. Another good file type to send us is an EPS. Please ask us about other file types. Your graphics are then printed onto a low-curl material on a high quality ink setting.

Banner Stand:

    Over the years we have tried different makers and we like this one the best. There is a spring mechanism inside the stand that rolls up the graphic inside. The graphic is attached to a top clamp bar that matches the stand. A telescopic pole is used to hold the banner upright while the spring holds it tight. Adjustable feet make it easy to set it up on slightly uneven surfaces.

   The carry case is included for free with your purchase (41” x 13" x 5"). The stand and graphic are lightweight (19lbs), so this stand is ideal for travel or if your showroom moves around alot.

Turnaround Time:

    From the time the order is placed until the time you receive your banner stand will rely upon our production time (3-5 days) plus the shipping that you have chosen. Contact us for accurate shipping times


Design Templates

Design Specifications for 36” wide Retractable Banner:

36x36 Pro-Series Tabletop Retractable Template

36x48 Pro-Series Tabletop Retractable Template

   File types accepted - PDF, EPS, JPG, Tiff
   Resolution of images - Minimum of 150dpi at final size for good print quality
   Large Files - Can be uploaded through the “File Upload” link on the front page
   Bleed - None Needed
   Page Size - 36” wide x Height chosen.
   Design Considerations - 
      Top - ½” of top of banner will be covered by top clamp bar


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